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What Metabio has to offer
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for patients

Metabio’s online platform offers the ability to patients with chronic or debilitating disorders, but also healthy individuals, to record, share and compare their health related data, track disease progression real-time, improve their lives and the lives of others. Adopt an active role in biospecimen research, donation & management with our patent pending e-consent module.

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for Healthcare providers

Healthcare providers and medical practices affiliated with Metabio and associated with biorepositories and biobanks, are connected with a disease specific, HL7 or openEHR IT system.

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for Researchers

Metabio’s system utilizes biospecimen collections under one real-time query system. Creation of pools of disease specific cohorts from multiple biobanks in different locations, will be web-accessible, integration-capable and exploration-friendly.

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for Biobanks

Metabio’s online platform collects stores and provides data associated with human biospecimens, through a streamlined service that increases efficiency and scientific value of biosamples. This web-accessible platform is: disease-specific, researcher-accessible, integration-capable and exploration-friendly. Data are collected longitudinaly from separate sources.

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we are Metabio
IT Innovation in Biobanking Industry

Metabio is a biotech startup, founded in 2015 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Our web acessible platform collects stores and provides data associated with human biospecimens, providing a streamlined service that increases efficiency and value for the biospecimen industry.

The Metabio team

Status and Role in Metabio

Panagiotis Katsaounis

Founder & CEO, Medical Geneticist
MSc, Medical Molecular Genetics MSc, Healthcare Management BSc in Genetics 5 years in Biomedical research 12 years in Commercial Retail

Elisavet katseli

Co-founder & COO, Economist
BSc in Economics MSc in Logistics MSc in Business Administration & Management Expertise in project management, experience in Human resource

Konstantinos Votis

Co-Founder & CTO, Engineer
Senior researcher in CERTH/ITI. PhD in Service Oriented Architecture and Semantic Interoperability between eterogeneous systems. MBA

Nikolaos Kaklanis

Co-founder & CIO, Engineer
Research Associate in the ITI, Virtual Reality technologies, 3D Virtual Environments, data mining, haptic and multimodal user interfaces, assistive technologies enhancing accessibility, internet technologies.

Triantafyllos Tsirelis

Co-founder & Senior Technical Manager, Engineer
M.Sc. High Performance Computing Systems Diploma, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Expert in machine learning, pattern recognition, fuzzy systems, neural artificial networks

Desislava Ivanova

Senior Biomedical Analyst Molecular Biologist
MSc Translational Biology & Genetics, BSc Molecular Biology, Experience in Clinical Pharmacology and Biostatistical research

Advisory Board

Dr. Fay Betsou

Molecular Biologist, former ISBER President, current CSO at IBBL
Over 20yrs experience in molecular diagnostics, disease-oriented biobanking & biospecimen research, & 12yrs in ISO9001, ISO17025 application to biobanks.

Dr. Dimitrios Tzovaras

Director of ITI at the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas(CERTH).
Involved in more than 60 projects, funded by the EC & the Greek Ministry of Research and Technology. Member of IEEE, EURASIP.

Leonidas Leondaridis

IT Director & COO Indivumed Inc.
Over 20 years of experience in Biobanking and Healthcare IT. Currently IT director and Informatics at Indivumed Inc.

Angelos Manglis

CEO, Altlantis Research, VP, Atlantis Consulting Mgr, Adrion BAN, Investment and strategy consultant
Expert in Business Consulting & Financing, Experience in Medical Industry MSc Industrial Startegy and Technical Evolution,

Argyris Spyridis

CEO, Anthology Ventures, CEO Innovation Farm, Business strategy advisor
Expert in market sectors – SMEs and Startups Core specialties in strategy and tactics in finance, operations, and marketing.

Adriane Thrash

Partner Anthology Ventures & Innovation Farm, Innovation & Businness coach
Expert in company vision, go-2-market, customer communication & acquisition. Experience in USA market entries and social impact projects.

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