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Unlocking the value of human biosamples

New Coronabio platform helps Covid19 patients with confirmed diagnoses to record their symptoms

Leverage Biobanking Resources

Metabio offers its innovative Patent-Pending technology for increased value for biobanks, while addressing current and future needs of patients and the industry. Our versatile platforms can collect, store and even source longitudinal data associated with human biosamples, providing added value services that are:

  • Exploration friendly (Real-time access)
  • Integration capable (alongside current infrastructure)
  • GDPR & HIPAA complaint
  • Fully customizable and versatile

Integrate Differentiated Data Elements, Provide Higher Annotation

Metabio’s technology provides a spectrum of IT solutions, for biobanks. With our solutions biobanks collect and store longitudinal data associated with human biosamples, such as:

  • Electronic Health Records (HER or EMR)
  • Pre-Analytical Data (secondary & bench to freezer)
  • Real-World Data (patient pushed health data)
  • Biosample related Data (Logistics & Management)
  • Research Protocols & Results (where applicable)

Fit for Purpose

We work with you on-site, addressing your needs and creating the perfect fit for purpose solution. Part of our work is to identify your current and prospective needs, modify, map and apply an effective IT Platform for your operations.

We deliver real value across the biosample usage chain; we harmonize your data, achieve greater annotation and accessibility for your biosamples, establish advanced interoperability options for you and your partners, eliminate IT fragmentations, longitudinal data integration, advanced query tools, patient-pushed Real-World data.