September 4, 2017


Metabio is a biotech startup, founded in 2015 in Thessaloniki, Greece, with the intent to disrupt the Biobanking industry. Metabio bridges the current gap in the Biobanking industry, by introducing a process innovation system connecting Patients, Healthcare Providers and Biobanks, providing harmonized, quality timeline pre-analytical data and biospecimens. Through our online system and platform data are collected, stored and provided along with human biospecimens, providing a streamlined service that increases efficiency and value for the biospecimen industry.

Our web-accessible platform is: disorder-specific, researcher-accessible, integration-capable and exploration-friendly. Data are collected in a timeline fashion from three separate sources, the patient, the healthcare provider and the Biorepository.

Metabio acts as a biospecimen vendor, through affiliations with biorepositories and biobanks worldwide. Our platform will be a valuable tool for established biobanks and biorepositories as it will integrate data from all available sources: i) pre-acquisition and clinical data from healthcare facilities (EMRs, EHRs), ii) patient health status, lifestyle and disorder progression data, and iii) biospecimen management and analyses data from biobanks.

Metabio createw local ecosystems surrounding its affiliate biobanks. Raising patient awareness and support towards biospecimen donation and involvement, integrates a multitude of specimen-related data. Metabio’s novel system enriches biospecimens’ data from multiple sources, thus increasing their scientific and market value. Overall, quality and accessibility of biospecimens is enhanced.

All services of Metabio are free for patients (health status tracking, monitoring) and healthcare providers (E.H.R. management system, harmonized HL7 or openEHR data). Biorepositories and biobanks get an interoperable system accommodating their needs that is directly connected to associated healthcare or diagnostic centers (data feed).

All biospecimens and associated data are provided to research through a real-time, online, query tool. Metabio forms pools of biospecimens and associated data, from distinct biobanks, that are enriched and brought together in disorder specific cohorts, ultimately increasing inventory turnover margins.