September 5, 2017

For Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers and medical practices associated affiliated with Metabio and associated with biorepositories and biobanks, are connected to Metabio’s digital system and provided with a disorder specific Electronic Health Record system and a Hospital Management System tool, with an HL7 or openEHR standard.
All services provided by Metabio are free for healthcare providers; can be used either as the main interface tool or be set up as an interoperable system. Our cloud based services gather, store and analyze clinical data, OPDs and PROMs. Real-time systemic outputs include ontologically streamlined patient records, medical treatment metrics and analytics, cohort reports, clinic to clinic comparisons and e-consent real time management. Metabio’s platform is easy-to-use, cloud-based and can better serve you and your patients. Metabio provides you with the unique ability to be part of an international consortium of healthcare providers, biorepositories and biobanks that will transform biospecimen and biomedical research industry.