Metabio launces Corona-Bio, a Covid-19 symptom platform

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January 30, 2020
CoronaBio: Using Crowdsourcing for Biomedical Research on COVID-19 to Manage a Pandemic
February 25, 2021

Metabio launces Corona-Bio, a Covid-19 symptom platform. Patients with confirmed diagnoses can record their symptoms daily, along with several health-related factors, diet, and more. Corona-Bio Platform is not an app but a system utilizing HL7, Open – EHR protocols, methodology and technology produced over years of our own research and advised by renowned and credible scientists from the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Biobanking market and sectors. Corona-Bio’s main purpose is to aid the development of new healthcare strategies to combat the coronavirus pandemic and to improve person-centered care, by recording as many cases as possible, including non-hospitalized patients who are positive for the virus with mild, moderate or no symptoms. Self-reported data from these patients, and their disease progression, will aid in better understanding the variable clinical cases, their etiology and the unique disease progression of some groups of individuals from different demographic areas. The data will be used only for research purposes, with all required security protocols, for as long as needed. Additionally, users can observe the data analysis process related to the clinical course of the Covid-19.

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