September 4, 2017

Services for patients

Metabio’s online platform offers the ability to patients with chronic or debilitating disorders, but also healthy individuals, to record, share and compare their health related data, track disorder progression in real-time and improve their lives and the lives of others.

Patients and healthy individuals have the ability, along with their data, to simultaneously donate their biospecimens; like blood, urine, saliva and/or tissue samples for biomedical research.

Health status of users, involves recording demographical, lifestyle, psychological, molecular, genetic and clinical data. Treatments, symptoms, experiences and health positions will be shared and compared, if chosen, with those of others suffering from the same condition.

Users are able to get valuable feedback on alternative health routes, compare themselves with others suffering from the same disorder, but also make informed decisions. Along with their healthcare provider, they can examine possible future health routes for better managing their disorder status.

Personal health routes and statuses comparisons can improve the quality of life of the communities formed and biospecimen donation can speed up research, develop better products and services and disrupt outdated biomedical research systems.

Disorder specific data sharing will accelerate research; elevate biospecimen donation value, decrease spending, but also treatments and biomedical product cost.

Metabio gives you the ability to take part in the disruption of an outdated system for biospecimen usage like never before. Metabio’s process innovation system, in the biospecimen industry, will accelerate global biomedical research results and in the process make lives better.