Metabio developed an interoperable system for biobanks that works seamlessly with existing legacy systems, in a plug and play or customized mode of action, without the need or prerequisite to alter current LIMS/LMS or other platforms in use.

The system integrates data from patients registering their disease progression and health status data, from biobanks for biosample retrieval, management and storage, as well as clinical data from the healthcare facility the patient made the donation from.

Value Delivered

  • Data-mining - Researchers can locate specimens with specific profiles from a broad spectrum of data (clinical, environmental, disorder-progression, analyses) in real time among separate biobanking entities, without compromising patient rights or IP issues. Metabio provides data cohort-information, including total sample availability across numerous associated biobanks. The ease and speed with which data and samples can be located increases their value to the researcher and biobank equally.

  • Harmonization - Due to lack of industry protocol and language standards, sample data is entered using a broad range of terminology and abbreviations. Metabio’s searchable database harmonizes the data received from every source to HL7 or openEHR standard - essentially fixing one of the major challenges faced by researchers, and increasing the efficiency and sales for biobanks.

  • E-consent - Upon entry to a clinical facility (hospital etc.), patients are provided with the opportunity to enroll in our e-consent program. This gives them the ability to monitor and manage their status at anytime, and all of the involved entities are immediately informed of any change in status. These changes are immediately implemented in the access-rights of associated samples, thus streamlining the response to any regulatory or legislative developments. We believe this is key to on boarding both patients and aligning with future trends in personalized medicine and patient-privacy. By giving patients complete control over the use of their physical data we ensure the ownership and usage-scenarios for this most precious resource.

  • Longitudinal synchronization - This is accomplished without changing any part of the internal systems that hospitals or biobanks use. The longitudinal tracking of data does not require significant effort in resources, capital, or mode of work from the entities involved - Metabio’s system tracks records and manages the data as it is produced.

  • System - Our solution is designed specifically with the above factors in mind - all functions and features support the basic model of value-add via enrichment and harmonization.

Services for Biobanks

  1. Biospecimen management
  2. Personnel permission handling
  3. Managing data, biospecimen related and research related (genomics, metabolomics, proteomics, assays, transcriptomics, etc.)
  4. Permission handling on MTAs and biospecimen procurement
  5. EMR data dynamic retrieval
  6. Research proposals management
  7. Real-time multi-criteria queries across network databases

Services for Researchers

  1. Personnel permission handling
  2. Managing research related data entries
  3. Audit, history per user ID
  4. Real-time dynamic multi-criteria queries across network

Services for Patients

  1. Patient health data history
  2. e-Consent status management
  3. Health status data management
  4. Health status comparisons
  5. Research results management

Services for Healthcare Providers

  1. Personnel permission handling
  2. Patient registry
  3. e-Consent management
  4. Patient EMR entry and retrieval
  5. Data request management
  6. Biospecimen management
  7. Audit, history per user ID
  8. Real-time multi-criteria queries across network databases