Solution for Biobanks

“Add value, enhance your inventory”

  • Inventory Management
  • Enhanced HER and HIT interoperability
  • Data longitudinal harmonization
  • Permission handling and DRM via ABAC
  • Advance querying across networks (real-time)
  • Real-world patient pushed data
  • Dynamic e-consent management options
  • Biosample quality module (SPREC based)
  • Real-time networking across databases
  • Configurable platform and set up



Solution for Patients

“Control your donations, manage your data”

  • Health status tracking management
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration
  • Dynamic Real-time e-Consent status management
  • Complete donation control (sample and data)
  • Disease progression data management
  • Biosample donation accountability
  • Foundation tool for personalized medicine
  • Patient-friendly, disease-oriented user interface
  • Streamlined data export methodologies
  • GDPR compliant data management tool



Solution for Healthcare Providers

“Engage your patients, elevate your service”

  • Configurable patient Dynamic Real-time e-consent
  • Self-reported patient Real world data
  • EHRs, HIT and LIMS integration
  • Preanalytical biosample processing data capture
  • Off-site patient surveillance
  • Advanced querying, study participants across network
  • Analyses protocol workflows
  • Smart reports for clinical trial collaborations
  • Data harmonization, across departments
  • GDPR compliant after implementation



Solution for Researchers

“Connect and overcome discovery barriers”

  • Unique prestuctured detailed assay protocol workflows
  • Modular assigned assay data storage
  • Advanced real-time biosample query, across networks
  • Real-time patient profile query
  • Cluster percentage adoption query report
  • Audit and history reports
  • Enhanced EHR and HIT interoperability
  • Real-world patient-pushed data
  • High-end security protocols
  • Configurable platform and set up